A Roku is a simple piece of hardware that lets you connect to the TV through go.roku.com/connectivity and then to the internet, to give you a spate of entertainment that is to most people, mind blowing.

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Having pioneered the streaming media industry, Roku is one of the most effective ways to stream content from the internet. Watch what you want, whenever you want. Unlike the PC, there are no download times involved. To do this, you just require a home internet connection, a smart TV and a Roku player. There are some Roku player models that work with older TVs too. Which means, go.roku.com/connectivity holds the capability of converting any TV into a smart TV. The Roku player supports practically anything.

Types of Roku Devices


The Roku device has evolved over generations and today, comprises of some of the most advanced pieces of hardware ever introduced into the streaming device industry.

First Roku

The first Roku player appeared sometime in 2008 with only standard definition content. By 2010, the company spruced them up and a basic model displaying 720p resolution was introduced.

Wi-Fi Streaming

The gadget was capable of 802.11g Wi-Fi streaming. Second generation devices were updated and launched in 2011 and consisted of the Roku LT that also had a composite video outputs, analog audio output and a standard IR remote. Here are some of the best go.roku.com/connectivity streaming devices.

Roku Streaming Stick and the Streaming Stick Plus

The Roku Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick Plus is a dual-band capable device that needs only an HDMI cable to connect to the TV and even comes with a Wi-Fi Direct Remote. After several upgrades, the model is now capable of streaming 4K HDR and can even control the TV’s volume and power. With super-speed responses and a simple interface, the device is absolutely affordable and even comes with advanced search modules.



High-Quality Videos

Access more shows, more high-quality videos and content in 4K HDR with the Roku Premiere. Another device that proves its money’s worth, the Roku Premiere offers more customization and even comes with a headphone jack meant for private listening.

Technical Qualifications

4K and HDR are some of the most important technical qualifications for streaming players. The Premiere’s interface never lags, and the sound effects are very good. A classic small box, the size of a hockey puck, it can easily blend in with any entertainment center.

Search Features

The remote is nice and is encompassed in a really comfortable shell. The private listening feature lets you watch your videos without disturbing others in the vicinity. With go.roku.com/connectivity, you always have one of the most powerful search features in your hands.

Roku Ultra


The Roku Ultra is the latest addition to the Roku lineup of devices. With a Video HDMI output, and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (4K), the device has a range of capabilities. It comes with expandable memory, Ethernet port, USB port, private listening and 4K Video output. The accessories also include the powerful Wi-Fi remote, which can even be found if lost. The player is sophisticated and yet simple and complements any space that you may want to place it into. Measuring only 5.9 x 0.8 x 5.9 in DWH, the device is practically invisible but even then comes with a glossy sleek finish and curved sides. Stream on-demand 4K videos with a fast internet through the HDMI cable. Play your own movies through the USB port or even play music. This is also why the Roku Ultra is considered a step above other streamers.

How to connect Roku via go.roku.com/connectivity?

Connecting your Roku device to your Roku TV is way easier than you think. Resolving the errors might seem tricky. But you can fix the go.roku.com/connectivity errors by following the guidelines. All you need to do is, connect the device to the TV and start streaming your favorite movies and series. The ultimate streaming player, Roku can be connected in two methods.

  • Wired Connection
  • Wireless Connection

Wired Connection
  –  For classic TVs that don’t support the internet can be connected via Ethernet cable. During the setup process, select ‘Wired’ option on your device, and it will automatically get connected.

Wireless Connection – Wireless connection indicates the internet or Wi-Fi connection. To connect via go.roku.com/wireless, select ‘Wired’ from the display screen. It will ask you to connect to the home network. Connect it and after entering the password, tap on the ‘Connect’ option. Your Roku wireless setup is completed.

Roku setup and installation using Roku Com Link

The setup and go.roku.com/connectivity process of any Roku device is extremely simple. For the most part, you just have to connect the device and the player will do the rest on its own. Except for a few choices where you may have to select your region or language, you just have to follow any messages that appear on your TV screen to complete the setup Roku account. You can install most streaming model as follows.

Connecting to the internet

  • A list of network names in the area is now displayed on the screen for you to choose from
  • Again, use the scroll keys to reach your network name and press ‘Ok’

Note: Use the ‘Scan again to see all networks’ if you are unable to view your internet name

  • Then enter the password on the virtual keypad; you can choose ‘Show Password’ to see if you are entering it correctly
  • Select ‘Connect’ and the player will connect itself to the network and download the relevant software for its functionality

Final steps

  • Finally, you have to choose the ‘Display Type’. It is best to allow Roku to do this because most of the time, the player discovers the right display configuration
  • Activate your Roku player with the help of the activation code that appears on the screen
  • For this, create a Roku.com/link account and then go to the activation screen
  • You may or may not present your billing information immediately
  • Enjoy more than 150,000 movies, videos and shows only on go.roku.com/connectivity. Connect, setup and have fun!


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