Know More About Starz and Activate Starz Com on Roku and Apple TV

Activate and Watch Starz Channel

Starz is getting into the fray to compete with giants like Netflix and Hulu. As it introduced different apps, it tried hard to break the OTT arena. Now, it is also available with Amazon Prime as an add-on subscription. Users should activate Starz com on their streaming devices to get a lot more than just entertainment.

Activate Starz Com

Activate Starz Com

User Experience

Seeming a lot like HBO Now and even aping the experience, Starz allows users to create a streaming account through the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Native to mobile devices, the content is sorted by type and then into sliding rows. It may even sort them by recommendation or into rows while laying it down simply but effectively.

The Controls

On-screen controls are smooth as butter. During a program, you just have to tap on the screen to pause, play, seek (with the help of a slider) or even advance in 10-second skips.


The app is compatible with almost all of the platforms. At the same time, you can use it in the form of Starz Play on the Roku or any other streaming device for that matter. Watch your preferred programming in the in-browser web app as well.

Lineup and Selection

There is an interesting mix of content on Starz including some original series such as the Outlander, Camelot and The Girlfriend Experience. A mixed bag of movies awaits fans of classics and contemporary blockbusters such as Dances with the Wolves and I, Robot. The quality of films, though, is pretty good. In fact, there is a solid collection of classics such as The Jeffersons, the A-Team, and some surprises as well.

Streaming Quality

The streaming app has the ability to maintain an impressive quality consistency across all apps and devices. Whether you use the Verizon or Wi-Fi on the iOS or the Android, the app works very well on the Roku and other streaming devices especially Amazon Fire TV. HD programming does not take long to load at all.


The platform is fairly versatile. Start a streaming subscription from anywhere even on the Android and iOS platforms. Use different apps to get Starz and the user experience still remains commendable. The streaming quality on all platforms, is a highlight and a unique feature of the Starz channel.


Costing just about $8.99 per month, the service is priced even lesser than HBO Now, which is ideally at $14.99 per month. For the nominal fee, it still provides some really good content and is a great competition to popular services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Activate Starz Com


  • Look for the Starz app on the Roku player by signing into the device
  • Then open the channel and enter your Starz credentials into the app
  • Thereafter, you have to enter the activation code that you see on your TV screen on the channel’s website

Apple TV

  • The easiest way to do this is to download and launch the Fox Sports Go app and enter your Apple TV credentials’
  • When you get an activation code, go to the channel’s website to enter it.


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