Guide To Select Your Roku TV Input Using

Known as High Definition Multimedia interface and HDMI, the technology is ideally a replacement for the traditional A/V In/Out on the television. HDMI is a widely accepted format of input today on all smart TVs. Roku uses the HDMI input to connect its devices and to stream media from the internet via Now, all the latest Roku devices are fully compatible with HDMI ports.

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Significantly, HDMI has the ability to convey data in a digitized format as opposed to AV cables. As a result, there is no need to convert this data once again into an analog format, which would actually diminish the quality of the display. HDMI is also necessary to stream high definition videos displayed on smart TVs.

Difference Between HDMI and Analog AV

  • HDMI cables are digital but AV cables work with analogs
  • To stream high definition videos, you must possess an HDMI input. Analogs do not recognize HD formats.
  • While you need multiple AV cables, you require only one HDMI input
  • Compared to HDMI cables, AV cables are susceptible to noise

Benefits of HDMI

One of the biggest advantages of the HDMI over another format is the non-requirement of a separate cabling system for sound. A single HDMI cable holds the capability to achieve better audio as well as picture qualities. Newer HDCP 2.0 versions are only available on the HDMI. is compatible with HDCP 2.0 protocols as well.


With HDMI, video quality is extremely good. It renders higher resolutions and better video qualities even during low brightness scenes. Conversely, the analog counterparts cannot stream high-quality videos at different display dimensions. For high-contrast displays, HDMI primarily provides sharper and more detailed texts and images.

Intelligent Systems

HDMI renders loss-less transmissions along with superior quality videos. With no requirement of external interventions, automatic configurations are performed with the help of EDID or Extended Display Identification Data on the HDMI.

Encryption and Authentication

With HDMI, devices receive standard authentication support to send and receive data through HDMI-enabled devices. This also ensures the non-piracy of content.


With the HDMI, you can always expect well-maintained and original signal integrities. Since signals are not prominently degraded, the HDMI is able to transmit content in HD.

Single Cable Solution

HDMI encompasses all video, audio and control information thereby minimizing complexities. Color depths are rendered in 10 bit, 12 bit and 16-bit formats for RGB or YCbCr color spaces, creating high detail. Besides, it has the ability to support multiple video and audio formats including multi-channel surrounds such as 1080i, 720p, PAL, NTSC and much more. The in-built hot plug detects the signal and identifies when the cable has been connected.

  • When you connect the HDMI cable to the port of the TV and then with the Roku, execute the process
  • Ensure to make note of the plugged in port to toggle across to the same thing when displayed on the TV
  • You may want to use the TV’s remote for the process with Go Roku remote help, after which you can switch over to the Roku remote for syncing the device
  • Thereafter, follow instructions on the screen to complete the setup.
  • Connect the device to the wireless and enter the code on the screen at

Error Messages

When your is incomplete or wrong, you will receive an error message on the screen displaying “No video” or “No signal detected”. This might cause when you have wrongly selected an input option. To resolve this error, check for the labeled input connector at the back of the TV and then select the input option.

Smart TV Experience

  • Some Roku devices such as the Express Plus come with the ability to convert older televisions to smarter devices.
  • This is because the player has an in-built port that accepts composite cabling as against the standard HDMI versions that are available today.
  • Nevertheless, this is an advantage for those who possess older TVs and do not want to part with them.
  • Plug the Roku Express Plus with the help of the composite cabling to any old TV and perform the process by carefully selecting the relevant port

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