Activate HBO GO on Roku Via Roku

Perform the Roku on your device in just a few simple steps. HBO Go is available on the Roku with your HBO subscription.

HBO GO Activation on Roku

  • Explore the Roku CHANNEL STORE for the HBO app and click on its icon
  • To get your activation code, just select or ACTIVATE YOUR DEVICE
  • Now, open a browser (separately) on your PC or MAC and go to to enter the code
  • Here, you also have to choose your device type, so, click on
  • Thereafter, enter the username and passcode credentials for your TV provider Roku

Activate HBO GO on Roku Via Roku

Note: For providers that are not listed, HBO is still not available on the Roku through them

  • Select ACTIVATE DEVICE to complete the activation process
  • Both your computer and your TV will display the SUCCESS message
  • Usually, the message is displayed a little later because the activation takes a while to complete

About HBO GO

Roku users can get on-demand programming access and can also watch past and current seasons of HBO’s most popular original series through a participating provider. This also means that you get to watch all of HBO’s documentaries and miniseries as well. Even if you haven’t subscribed, there are still some sample clips available on the app. Users can click on those to get a sneak peek into the world of HBO.

Characteristics of HBO Go and HBO Now

Except that HBO Go is available as a part of the subscription with HBO while HBO Now is a standalone app there is basically no difference between the two. To get into HBO Go you just have to obtain an activation code and enter it at Roku while for HBO Now activate, you might have to navigate to a different URL.


Both the apps feature similar contents, documentaries, series, movies, comedy specials and much more. No matter which service you use, all content is available on demand. Check the FEATURED Section to see the new releases

Go to the JUST ADDED section to see all the movies that have been newly added into HBO. The best part about both HBO Now and HBO Go on Roku, is that you can resume watching from where you left off.


The HBO Go app on the Roku streams pre-existing HBO packages. These are also the ones that you have subscribed through a cable provider. On any Roku device that you own, you can watch HBO on-demand programming without having to get full-time cable TV. But the HBO Go Login to the provider is imperative. By contrast, the HBO Now app is an independent service and can be purchased directly from HBO.

HBO Go on Roku

There are also other services on the Roku that offer HBO Go as part of their subscription package.

Sling TV

Having a never-ending user following and subscription, Sling TV is known as one of the cheapest alternatives against the cable. You can add HBO with an internet add-on bundle at just $15. There are some other popular networks available as well with the base package. At a fraction of a price, Sling TV provides users with all the CABLE TV experience that you feel you might miss. You even get live access to shows on Sling. Watch shows the night HBO airs them.

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