How To Setup Your Roku Account Using

Roku Account Setup

Setting up your Roku Account is not as hard as it sounds. It involves just a simple three step process, and if done right, the entire process will not take more than half and hour. Here are the three steps and how to get started with the Roku account activation. Here are the pre-requisites for having a Roku account setup in your home. You’ll need a Roku device or a Roku TV, an internet connection and a computer or a phone to access the browser. The internet can either be a wireless connection or a wired on. But please note that a few models of the printer can support only WiFi and are not compatible with wired internet.

Roku Account

How To Setup Your Roku Account Using

1. Setting up the Roku device.

To get started with the Roku experience the first thing to do is to setup the Roku device. This means connecting the Roku device to your TV, both your TV and the Roku device to the internet, and all of them to a power source. If the internet connection is a wireless one, please make sure that you enter the right password and select the right connection.

2. After setting up the Roku device, the next thing to do is to setup a Roku account if we don’t already have one.

How to setup a Roku account?

  • The first step in setting up a Roku account is to access Roku’s website and get started with an account
  • As the first step, you’ll have to furnish the basic information that Roku asks for, in the form. You’ll have to typically fill in your Name, second name, zip code, contact information and a few more things.
  • As the next step, you’ll have to provide Roku your payment information, and setup a four-digit code that you’ll have to use when you make any purchases from your Roku account.
  • Payments for any purchase made in your account will be deducted from this payment source.
  • After this, select a few of favorite channels to start with, search for free channels to add to your channel list and get started with your Roku account.
  • To explore channels, browse through the Most Viewed lists that Roku itself puts together. Private channels will not show up in a Roku search, so please enter the channels codes to explore private channels.

3. Syncing your Roku account and your Roku device

Roku Activation Process

This is the third and the last step in this process of getting started with a Roku account. After setting up a Roku account and setting up a Roku device, the next thing to do would be to link them both so you can start streaming channels from Roku.

  • Go to
  • Switch on your TV, and wait for Roku to prompt a login alert.
  • Once you get the prompt, log into your Roku account that you just created.
  • After you log into your account, Roku will provide you with a verification code.
  • Enter Roku link code in the browser link you had opened.

Once you do this, you should be able to stream channels from your Roku device in your TV. You can also stream channels from your Roku, using the Android and iOS apps that Roku has, in your phones, iPads and other devices. You can even make use of remote features like voice search and private listening.

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding Roku activation processes, or if you face any difficulty on how to setup your Roku account at the point of time in the installation, please let us know via our toll-free number +1-855-862-8910.