Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is all about the method of Data Transfer, Data collection and the ways to secure the Information collected from the Users. This include both personal and Private Information.  Being an independent service Provider we follow these policies for the services that we offer.

Personal Information

The Personal Information that we collect from the users includes name, Email ID, Credit card and Paypal Information. We make use of the credit Information to make the required Transactions. Location Information of the users are also collected if required.

Safety Measures

Safety Measures are followed to secure the Data collected from the Users. The Data or Information will be handed over to the concerned judicial authorities only with the Prior consent of the users.

Non Disclosure

 Being an independent service provider, we are not liable for the misuse or threat that arises due to the Third party authorities. It is suggested not to use the Information provided on our webpage for the personal use. Policies are strictly followed to ensure that the copyright and trademark regulations are not violated.


Cookies are used to improve the website traffic and to obtain the required Information from the webpage.

Error Reports and device Information

Error Reports are mandatory and we collect it to study and collect the detailed Information of Errors or the disputes that arise. The device information that we collect include the Device manuals and the documents that have the features and the specifications.

The changes made to the policies will be updated either on our webpage or will be Indicated to the concerned authorities.

We suggest all our customers to read, understand and acknowledge the Terms and conditions and Privacy policies before they make use of the service. Navigate to our webpage to get more updates.