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Roku Streaming Player

Roku, uncompromisingly, emerges as one of the top streaming players each time and everywhere it is reviewed. Obviously, this is due to its versatility and flexibility and also it’s vast streaming library that is constantly upgraded to regale the users. That is not all. There are beta versions of some anticipated apps that also provide user-centric entertainment with fluent urbanity. Even then the ‘best overall’ title would still go to the inimitable Roku Ultra. Here are reviews of some of Roku’s newest and best models available in the market today.

How to Setup and Activate Roku Account Using

Setup the Roku

  • Essentially, the setup procedure for most Roku devices remains the same. There are some basic instructions that any Roku streaming player accommodates.
  • As next-generation devices, all Roku players connect to the HDMI, barring a few that are compatible with composite connections for older television sets.
  • Using the high-speed HDMI cable, connect the TV and the device and then connect the player to an Ethernet Port
  • Thereafter, power up the device and follow any instructions that appear on the screen
  • Toggle to the right HDMI port name on your TV to ensure an appropriate and seamless setup
Setup Roku -

Setup Roku –

For any assistance, connect with our experts for setup and troubleshooting of your device. Before you setup your device ensure that you have a strong Wi-Fi. Activation code

Roku provides users with several types of entertainment. Along with 4000 apps and a spate of popular viewing, the device lets you rent, buy or subscribe to content. The player downloads content from the internet and streams it on your TV. You can get connected to the Roku using a wired or a wireless Ethernet. A Roku Activation Code is provided during the setup process. This code should be entered on to derive successful connection and download your preferred entertainment. Additionally, you also have to create an account on Roku that helps you manage all your purchases and permissions.

Different Types of Roku Devices

Roku Ultra – For the ultimate 4K and HDR experience and fast processing speeds

Streaming Stick – Comes with a lightning-fast quad-core processor and is portable

Express – Easy 1080P streaming and well-afforded

Express + – Has the ability to transform older TVs into Smart TVs

Premiere + – Produces brilliant 4K HD picture quality and is equipped with an enhanced remote

Premiere – Great picture quality and seamless usage

Remote Control – The standard Roku remote comes with the purple direction pad. There are several shortcut buttons available on it along with other controls. To highlight UHD content across a variety of services, you can use the 4K spotlight app.

Different types of Roku Devices

Different types of Roku Devices

Roku Ultra


As Roku’s new flagship model, the Roku Ultra is one of the best choices for streaming player fans. This is because it has a new design, is feature-eminent and comes with capabilities that none of the previous models possessed. Capable of supporting both 4K and HDR picture quality, the device comes with a powerful quad-core processor that handles 4K Ultra HD streaming at 60 fps. This is also four times more than the 1080p resolution. It runs fanless and ensures connectivity with the Ethernet and 802.11 a/c, HDMI, and a micro SD slot that provisions additional storage.

Interface and browsing

Navigating Roku’s already friendly menu system is a cinch, thanks to a powerful processor. You can visualize all the apps that you get from the home page itself, from where you can select your channels too. The Roku Ultra also has a Voice Search feature that works really well.

The results will pop up the moment you speak the name of the show, actor, director or app into the remote control.  You can also use the Android / iOS compatible mobile for search functionality.

Other features

A welcome addition to the device’s features is the night mode. Low resonance is highlighted well while big explosions and noises are toned down late at night when the rest of them are asleep. The Ultra most certainly doesn’t disappoint with its expansive channel selection, a new processor and 4K and HDR streaming.

Roku Streaming Stick


If we were to start with the features then we could begin with the powerful quad-core processor and the dual-band wireless in-built into the Roku Streaming Stick. With this combination, the device provides eight times more processing power than before. Providing a great lineup of channels as usual such as Netflix (a permanent), Amazon, Google Play, VUDU and a lot more the Roku Stick always earns the top spot with the reviewers. The Streaming Stick’s platform tries to provide all of the options that the customers look for and with gusto.

Remote Control

Equipped with a superb IR-ready remote, the device also has an Android and iOS companion app that comprises of hundreds of services and other apps. The Roku Stick remains un-overlooked especially with its best-in-class search functionality.


With quick start-up procedures and a vast selection of streaming content, the device comes with cross-service search functionality and an incredibly fast and responsive interface.

Roku Express


Considered as one of the most affordable in Roku’s contingent the device is a current generation model that rectifies most of the inconveniences experienced in earlier models. With the best budget option (Which is actually a highlight), the device is stuffed with apps and services along with accessibility to over 500,000 movies and TV shows. Users also get to watch a wide array of paid as well as free channels.

Setup and others

Setting up the device is simple and so is connecting to the Wi-Fi. All over within minutes, the device will almost instantly stream 1080p videos with no monthly equipment fee involved. A single easy-to-use interface presents a range of popular channels such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, PBS Kids on Roku and much more. The device is huge on savings when users are given an option to choose between a limited catalog of free content that are live as well as on-demand or choose to pay for premium content. Search for a TV show or movie and compare prices on rentals from the previews. You can even find a channel version that is absolutely free.

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