Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions denote the legal bond between the website authorities and the customers. We suggest our customers to read and accept the Terms and conditions and Privacy policies before they access or make use of the Services.

Service that we offer to our customers

Being an independent service provider we offer the best service to all our customers and include the streaming device setup and activation. Our webpage is not related to misinterpretation of the service that we offer to our customers.

Copy Rights and Trademarks

Our website authorities are not liable for the Misuse or Threat that arise due to the copying and transfer of the Data or Information that is published on our webpage. It is the responsibility of the users to secure their Personal Information.


Laws and regulations are incorporated to prevent the Misuse. Data or information will be handed over to the concerned authorities in case if any Dispute arise. We do not share the personal information without the Prior consent of the users.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy displayed on our webpage indicate the method that we follow to transfer or secure the data or Information. Explains the Process of data collection.

All the changes that we make will be indicated to our users or the concerned authorities

Plan orders and service plans

We collect the Plan orders and service Plan orders from our customers through Email. Chargeback policies are available for the users who do not require the service at any point of time

Privacy policy

The privacy policy is all about the method of Data Transfer, Data collection and methods to secure the Information  collected from the Users. This include both personal and the Private Information

Safety Measures

Safety Measures are followed to secure the Data collected from the Users. The Data or Information will be handed over to the concerned judicial authorities only with the Prior consent of the users


Cookies are used to improve the website traffic and to obtain the required Information from our webpage.