Why is the Green Light Flashing on my Roku Remote?

What’s Special About Roku Remotes?

Roku remotes are one of a kind, allowing you to control not only your Roku device, but also performs basic operations like increasing the volume, decreasing it, switching on or off the TV and a few more.

This means you can stop juggling with your multiple remote controls. But that’s not all. You can always do more with what Roku provides you. Find out the information below to know Why is the green light flashing on my Roku remote or Roku remote stopped working and the ways to resolve it.

Why is the Green Light Flashing on my Roku Remote

Troubleshoot the Roku Remote Stopped Working Issue

  • Private listening – Simply plugin a headphone to your Roku remote and start listening to the TV audio. No one else will be able to hear it once you start private listening.
  • Voice search – This is one of the very important things that a Roku remote can do for you. You can now use the voice search to search for the right channels or your favorite shows.

Why is the Green Light Flashing on My Roku Remote? (Roku Remote Blinking)

Well, it’s possible that the green light flashing is due to an error code related to your Roku remote. These error codes can be easily troubleshot and don’t require as much time. Here are a few reasons and solution for the error code Why is the Green Light Flashing on my Roku Remote?

  • The batteries are out.
  • The batteries are not compatible with each other, or with the remote. This could easily be because of using one new and one old battery.
  • The remote is unpaired, or not properly paired with the Roku device.

These are a few possible reasons for Roku remote won’t stop blinking. Having said that, there are a few easy fixes for the error. Try these out, and let us know how it turned out.

  • Change the batteries. Check for the remote battery slot, and if it is damaged, get it serviced.
  • Unpair the remote from your Roku device and try pairing again after a fifteen second break. You can do this using the pair button in the Roku remote.
  • Try a factory reset, from both the remote and the Roku device end.
  • Ask for a service.
  • Contact Roku Customer Service Phone Number

Ideally, these fixes should work and you should be able to work again with your Roku remote and your Roku device. But if the issue still persists, then we will need to take a closer look on why is the green light flashing on my Roku remote, and we suggest you give us a call to get the remote fixed.

Do you know the tips to maintain the Roku remote?

Error codes are common. The troubleshoot can be easy sometimes, and not so easy the other times. So, it’s always advisable to use gadgets in such a way that they wouldn’t need a troubleshoot. Here are a few things that you can do to maintain the Roku remote.

  • Please avoid dropping the remote often.
  • Please change batteries often.
  • Don’t use different kinds of batteries.
  • It is not advisable to use the same remote in more than one device by constantly pairing and unpairing.

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